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MagTek IPAD Encrypted Card Reader

MagTek IPAD Encrypted Card Reader
Weight 4.00 lbs
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Prevent personal cardholder data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of your cardholders’ financial transactions with IPAD. The most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution available, IPAD immediately encrypts data at the point of swipe so personal information is never "in the clear." And using MagTek®'s advanced MagneSafe™ security features, ATM, debit, credit, gift cards and more are authenticated using MagnePrint®, a dynamically generated digital identifier already part of the magnetic stripe card used to render any counterfeit or cloned cards useless.

With IPAD, encryption takes place within an encapsulated magnetic read head as the card is swiped eliminating the chance of intercepting clear text data. As a result, the data is never "in the clear," even for a few milliseconds. IPAD's data encryption scheme uses industry standard Triple DES.

The IPAD is a multi functional handheld POS terminal with keypad input, graphics display output on a 128x64 pixel screen, and magnetic card stripe reading with the included Magnesafe SCRA peripheral.

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